James Royal-Lawson

Usability testing with eye tracking

Understanding what happens when people visit your website is vital. You gain this understanding by analysing data gathered through a range of different techniques. Techniques such as Web analytics, surveys, split testing, and usability testing.

Eye tracking

The type of usability testing Beantin provides uses eye tracking technology. By recording the gaze of a tester while they complete a task, we can see with great accuracy:

  • whereabouts they looked,
  • when they looked there,
  • and for how long.

(We can also see where they didn’t look. What they ignored. Where they didn’t click – and interview them afterwards using a technique called RTA.)

Many claim that eye tracking is expensive and uneccessary. The eye tracking usability tests provided by Beantin are no more expensive than traditional user testing, even though we are using professional eye tracking equipment from Tobii.

For the same budget you receive, not only interviews with participants (qualitative research), but also real data and measurements (quantitative research).

In addition, we give actionable recommendations based on the findings of the research!

Eye tracking services from Beantin include:

  • Team-building workshops – perform eye tracking on a work-in-progress with your project team, including live analysis.
  • packaged tests – with a smaller number of participants and tasks.
  • design your test – together with Beantin, we design your usability test to completely fit your needs and budget.

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