James Royal-Lawson

Have your ever used that system? Well, I wish you luck. It’s so difficult to understand that I lost my temper today and began to cry

A user on a system they have to use as part of their job. It’s unacceptable what we make people put up with. Stupid bloody system as Jonas Söderström puts it.
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We’re taught in school NOT to collaborate. It’s called cheating.

Michael Sampson, @collabguy, at IntraEvent Stockholm 2010.
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50% of the online population of Sweden has a Facebook account

Swedish population: 9,340,682.
Under 12s: 1,243,275.
Over 75s: 798,446.
Approx online population therefore: 7,298,691.
Facebook accounts in Sweden: 3,645,820.

Population figures from SCB. Number of Facebook accounts from Facebook via Facebakers.

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