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For your reading pleasure… (week 12, 2010)

Scrolling and Attention

Although many have said that Nielsen’s conclusion is obvious – “what’s most important for the users’ goals or your business goals should be above the fold” – there are also many who still claim that the fold doesn’t exist. It’s does, it’s just much more complicated than it used to be.

Eye Tracking: Best Way to Test Rich App Usability

A great overview of eye tracking and it’s benefits by three eye tracking and usability experts. It has a part to play in many different types of usability (and design) testing.

Conversation Manager vs. Community Manager

John discusses two different roles – that of a conversation manager and that of a community manager. It’s both interesting and useful to see these roles as separate. Arguably all companies need a conversation manager, but not all need a community one.

Why I don’t get SEO and A Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Two posts under the same heading. Great fun to contrast the two posts. One is the view of an owner of a web design agency, the other a guide by someone with specific and in-depth experience of helping companies improve their bottom line by SEO. Paul is not wrong in all his post – I too believe in web standards and user experience – but, we live in a world full of humans and machines. The machines are also one of your target audiences. It’s not all about good content and making your site “accessible to search engines”. There’s a balance to be found.

For your reading pleasure… (week 8, 2010)

Q&A with Jakob Nielsen and Kara Pernice

Basically plugging their new book, but nevertheless gives you some insight into eye tracking usability testing (and some points to agree or disagree with if you’ve performed some eye tracking testing!)

The Olympics Impact on Google Search Results

The start of the Winter Olympics gave us the opportunity to sit back and observe Google deal with a news event as it happened. James takes us through Olympic searches from before, opening day, and during the games.

Global Social Media Checkup

47 slides of insight into Fortune Global 100 companies and social media. It includes some good “checklist” like advice towards the end too.

The Incidental Publisher

People with no experience creating & publishing your web content. Can your brand and your organisation really afford to have such an amateurish web presence? Using a CMS for decentralised publishing is not necessarily the Good Thing you thought it was.

Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

Something that has been a bug-bear for many people for a fair while is how to get some more analytics from Facebook pages than is offered by Insights. This clever idea opens the door to Google Analytics data from your fans.

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