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Talking podcasting tips with Jon Buscall

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a second time by Jon Buscall of Jontus Media for his Online Communications Podcast.

Picture of Jon Buscall and audio equipment in a cafe

This time, podcasting itself was the subject. Earlier this month I took the dive, together with Per Axbom, into producing and publishing a regular podcast: UXPodcast. Jon and I discuss my experiences as a podcasting newbie and we exchange tips for those of you thinking about getting started with a podcast as part of your marketing activities.

You can read the programme notes here: How Do You Launch Your First Podcast ?

UXPodcast – breaking down silos

For quite a while now Per Axbom and I have been discussing the idea of starting a podcast, in English, aimed at UX and web professionals everywhere. Aiming to spread knowledge, reach out to new audiences, and probably most important of all – help break down the silos that exist and link skills horizontally.

We were both attending UXLx 2011 in Libson Portugal, so we decided that this would be a good opportunity to make a pilot episode of the podcast. We’d probably have time to plan it, think up some topics, and record it for release in the days just after the event.

Ambitious plan, but we’ve made it.

During the conference one of the topics that repeated itself throughout was that of silos. That all the silos that exist within businesses must be broken down. In particular, UX needs to reach out and get more cosy wth other silos. This seemed like the perfect encouragement to do the UXPodcast. Building on the decades of web geekery that myself and Per have stockpiled and taking advantage of our “UX” and “non-UX” labels.

You can listen to the first, pilot, episode here on UX Podcast. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes!


The Online Communications Podcast

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jon Buscall of Jontus Media for his Online Communications Podcast.

It was great fun chatting to Jon. Our professional lives cross-over in many different aspects and converge towards our mutual understanding of business needs.

During the podcast, we discussed a number of topics, and although it felt afterwards as if all of the smart things to say came to me afterwards, Jon has edited together a really good show!

In episode number 7 we chatted about:

  • web marketing
  • content management systems
  • design versus usability and
  • using Google to your advantage
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