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Meta descriptions on

From August 2009 until the point of writing this, each of the weekly articles published by Gerry on his website has contained incorrect meta description content. In this short video I highlight two of the ways in which this has a significant impact on his web presence.

Update 22nd August

Gerry has in his latest blog post fixed the problem and said a little thank you on Twitter. Little things, easily fixed. It’s really is worth giving your site a regular health check.

National Rail Enquiries

A quick check of National Rail Enquiries’ new web site (released 2009-12-15) against a handful of best-practices and web standards.

The site was heralded as being made “more user-friendly after sophisticated consumer research techniques” in ATOC’s press release.

Although redesigns of websites (especially prominent ones) almost always throw up a fair few negative comments. There have been quite a number of complaints.

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