James Royal-Lawson

Environmental policy

Even though Beantin AB is a small company with just one employee it still has a negative impact on the environment both directly and indirectly. Every purchase has an environmental cost, every kilometre of transport has an impact, as does every meal.

Here is a list which outlines what is currently being done in order to minimise the impact of Beantin AB on the environment.

  • Remote first. Question whether travel is needed, can a similar result be achieved with video conferences or similar. If travel is necessary then the emissions generated by the trips will be off-set.
  • Use until it can’t be used. Replace things when they can’t be used anymore, not before.
  • No giveaways. No production of unnecessary giveaways; things with logos that people didn’t ask for. Stickers are for the time being classed as both fun and necessary. They’ll be produced where possible using renewable materials and carbon off-set.

Beantin AB has carbon-offset 32 tonnes (pdf) of emissions with Go Climate to cover the impact of assignments, travel, activities and purchases during 2021. The offset level has been maintained at 32 tonnes for the 3rd year running despite lowered environmental impact. The amount of this offset will be reviewed at the end of each year.

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