James Royal-Lawson

Web and digital management

Your digital presence is a complicated and multi-faceted beast. Its importance to your organisation is ever increasing.

Yet many organisations have too few resources to manage their web presence effectively and correctly.

In the state of Swedish websites 2012, only 32% of Swedish web managers surveyed had enough resources to manage their websites, and 50% worked part-time with their sites.

venn diagram showing the intersection of web ownership, web management and web production

Web management

As a web manager, whether as a communication manager, formal web manager, or a business owner, you need to juggle a broad spectrum of activities…

  • Governance
  • suppliers & external agencies
  • reporting & web analytics
  • testing & usability testing
  • tweaking
  • content quality
  • optimisation
  • performance
  • specification
  • accessability
  • user experience

…amongst many other things. Any one of these activity areas can potentially take up all of your available time (especially if you are a part-time website manager). Do you have a problem making your time stretch? Are your users and targets suffering as a consequence?

Website management services from Beantin:

  • an extra resource during specific projects or times of heavy workload
  • cover during paternity leave or other types of (temporary) absence
  • during recruitment to bridge the gap to when a replacement is hired
  • an out-sourced roll for smaller companies who don’t want to employ a web manager full-time, but see the benefit of such a position
  • independent advisor to be a sounding board and support you in your role as web manager – beställarstöd
James Royal-Lawson has over a decade of web management experience with both large and small web sites and can help you maintain a best in class digital presence.

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