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The UX divide

The UX divide

Various drafts of this post have been with me for years.

The title has evolved over time as my “answers” to the problem have swung back and forth. The problem itself has undergone several incarnations as I’ve learnt new things and my experiences challenged its definition.

The cost of culture?

I’ve worked with a number of international sites (or multiple country sites) over the years. Something that they all had in common was their homogeneity. One set of templates, created centrally, then rolled-out country by country.

All set for UXLx 2013

Between May 15th and 17th, UXLx 2013 takes center stage for me. This will be the third consecutive User Experience Lisbon conference that I’ve attended. The first 2 were increadibly inspiring, tiring, and great fun. I’ve obviously got similar expectations for this year too.

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