James Royal-Lawson

About James Royal-Lawson

I’m James Royal-Lawson, Stockholm-based Swedish and English speaking UX-er, optimiser, web analyst and podcaster..

Since 2006 I’ve been consulting as Beantin webbkommunikation and Beantin AB and in recent years I’ve co-hosted the popular design podcast UX Podcast. I’m currently writing a book about UX Analytics.

I’ve been experimenting with, creating, and successfully managing digital activities since I first went online as a teenager in 1986, and then professionally since the late 90s.

What I do

I analyse websites and how they are used.
I gather insights and provide advice about how to optimise them.
I produce and test interaction designs.
I coach and hold seminars about measuring and designing websites.
I bridge between digital roles.
I work holistically, pragmatically and human-centered.

I help you piece together the digital jigsaw

To learn more about how I’ve helped others and how I could help you, then read my consultant resume which has details of my skills and assignments.

Further reading

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