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Beantin Webbkommunikation is +46735931654, an independent Stockholm-based consultant working with Web management, optimisation, UX, usability, analytics and more.

Every visitor to your website has a question ...answer it!

On this blog you can find articles that cover UX, usability, trends (often with a Swedish twist), analytics, and web management. Check out the most popular posts.

Optimal page title length after March 2014

Google on March 13th 2014 made a few changes to the appearance of their search result pages (SERPs).

One of the most talked about changes was their decision to drop underlined links, but one of the biggest impact changes from an SEO perspective is the reduced space available for page titles.

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Source code survival guide for Web Managers

Not everyone needs to code, but everyone who works with the web benefits from knowing a few things about what goes on under the surface.

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Swedish internet use 2013

.SE (Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur) has released their report for 2013 (in Swedish) about Swedish Internet usage. The report follows various aspects of internet use and follows their development over the years.

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Crisis web management: WHSmith

What happens when a major event hits your organisation? Whether your organisation is small or large, there are certain situations where you have to take action in order to prevent damage to either the company, shareholders or customers - or all three!

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The cost of culture?

I’ve worked with a number of international sites (or multiple country sites) over the years. Something that they all had in common was their homogeneity. One set of templates, created centrally, then rolled-out country by country.

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How fast is your website on mobile devices?

Whether you have a responsive website or not, the chances are these days that you have a significant chunk of visitors accessing your site from a mobile or over a mobile network.

But how fast is your website for these mobile visitors?

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