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Why did Buffer’s social referral traffic vanish?

Why did Buffer’s social referral traffic vanish?

Buffer say that they lost nearly half of their social referral traffic in the last year. I’m going to do one of those annoying things and not answer the question I pose in the title. I don’t have access to Buffer’s data so I can’t give you any real insights.

What I will do is give you some ideas about how to dig deeper into these kinds of “oh my!” moments that you find in your analytics data. Sometimes it’s too easy to take figures at face value, panic and draw the wrong conclusions.

The UX divide

The UX divide

Various drafts of this post have been with me for years.

The title has evolved over time as my “answers” to the problem have swung back and forth. The problem itself has undergone several incarnations as I’ve learnt new things and my experiences challenged its definition.

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